Zachary Tate Smith is left handed and does not like olives… at all.

As a boy, his budding gymnastics career was cut short by a bout with osgood schlatters. He is an expert at mediocre pictures and dabbles in genius with DIY furniture refurbishing. Zach is loved by animals and children. Whether on stage or in person, Zach has a rare gift for leading people to the true and to joy. He works full-time at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga training students to lead worship, assisting the youth pastor, and helps lead a month of mission trips each summer. He has been given every instrument he owns and didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 16 years old. He writes, sings, plays acoustic guitar, and is the arranger for much of what the band plays. He started the band years ago and has watched in awe as it has grown from a rag tag group of kids to a mature settled group that has extended beyond anything he could have orchestrated or ever even dreamt.