Rachel Austin Blackmon

Jesus is never short on ways to call us into the good works He’s prepared for us in our lives. One of those for Rachel was a PBS TV special featuring a very exuberant violinist. At the age of four, her mom pointed out that maybe one day she could play the violin just like that wild-haired soloist, and Rachel agreed complacently that she’d give violin a shot.

She had no clue that twenty years later she would still be playing and even less of a clue that she’d be singing, too. When the Lord lead her into Calvary Chapel’s youth worship band in high school, He revealed depths to music and worship that won Rachel’s heart for good. From that group He formed As Isaac. She is honored to write, play, and sing with the band, witnessing what God is doing in His Worldwide Church. She also loves cheering on other musicians in their gifts, longing for people to know their lives are meant to be the continuous worship of a beloved child to a Perfect, Marvelous Father.

Rachel is a worship leader, independent artist, songwriter, vocalist, violinist and member of As Isaac