We went to Moldova

It started with hearing stories of what the Lord is doing in this country that we didn’t know much about. We didn’t even really know where it was…

And then we got invited to come and see, to be a part. And the resounding answer in our hearts was “Yes!” The church is alive in Moldova and they are impacting their country, region and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are making disciples who are making disciples wherever God sends them. They faithfully teach, believe and obey truth. If God says it, they believe it, and they do it. And it’s bearing amazing fruit!


The soil is rich and dark in Moldova yielding some of the most delicious fruit we have ever tasted! We literally feasted every meal (and often between meals) on the best watermelon, grapes, plums and peaches. And the gardens were glorious with trees, plants and flowers of all kinds. In the same way, the church in Moldova is extremely fruitful. They are sowing in Spirit and truth and a harvest is coming. We believe now is a unique time of harvest in the kingdom of God there!


Our main role was to lead worship each morning and evening for a camp. They've done the camp for years, but never had a live band. It was a delight to see the students engage the heart of God in worship! A special highlight was learning that one of the workers there had a dream to see a live concert because she never had. She not only got to see a live band once, but every morning and evening for 10 days! It was so sweet to see the Lord’s heart for people time and time again in such personal ways.


We also had the joy of helping teach students English and Bible. The purpose of the camp is for students to learn English and they use the Bible to do it. The camp has a phenomenal reputation for being excellent! We got to serve, supporting the incredible Moldovan teachers. It was such an honor to serve alongside their team that works day in and day out.

We’re going back!

Lord willing, we'll be going back in 2019. We've been invited to help lead an evangelistic concert in the largest concert hall in the capital, to return for English camp, and to help launch a worship camp. It looks like we will be helping to facilitate three groups of people (one in the spring and two in the summer) to accomplish this work. It's humbling to see such an amazing work of the Lord and to not only be invited in to see it firsthand, but to somehow get to encourage those who are such heroes of the faith to us! And we couldn't do it without you! You are just as much a part of our team as each of us who went. We are so honored and grateful for each of you. Be blessed! Stay in touch... And pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send workers! Love you all.

Meleah SmithAs Isaac